D&AD Best Of The Year

We - me&David - are awarded @D&AD student awards with Best Of The Year. 

The brief for Department of Health was simple - make exercise fun; burning calories should be as fun as eating them. This is what we did: 

DogShare from Martin Miller on Vimeo.

Future Lions

Me and my creative partner - David Carr - managed to create two Future Lions entries. The first one is for FreeRice2.0 - an idea that could help feed 105,000 hungry people every single day.

Rice Captcha (Future Lions) from Tom Baker on Vimeo.

Second one is not so ambitious but still it could help barely dead business to resurrect. It’s for Pulse - company that is loosing in war against Flipboard. 

Pulse Banner / Future Lions from Martin Miller on Vimeo.

Recording voice for D&AD with @SCA2Dean grandmother

Recording voice for D&AD with @SCA2Dean grandmother


One day my girlfriend came home and said: “Martins, next week is my mothers birthday. I was thinking - maybe you could design her a business card”. I went to bed and in the middle at the night I woke up with this: 


This is one of my biggest adventures since I moved to London. I’m official street artist now. 


As a student of School of Communication Arts 2.0 once in a while you should write a blog post for the school’s blog.

I wrote a post and I hated it. Because it was monologue. 

Then I had an idea - what if I could have a dialogue? What if anyone could ask me a question? So I asked my classmates to ask me any question they would like me to answer. 

And this is how I made first interview with myself.


What would your dream career look like? (question by Maria Barato Goucha)

Peaceful I guess, because the advertising business is full of stress, rejection, pain, sleepless nights and drinking. I’m ready for this, but I want to take the job easy – with peace. To be honest, I think it’s impossible, especially for me. I’m quite a sensitive person, and in many situations, I stress when I don’t need to. But I’m trying to avoid it.

But I’m not associating all my life with working in advertising. My dream job is to create toys. I can imagine myself walking through an immense toy factory – the biggest on the planet – that is located on a floating island. There are toy dogs and robots as bodyguards. Penguins are surfing on dolphins and they greet everyone who is visiting the island. Every day we are realizing new toys – some of them are for kids, but lot of them are for grown ups ( and yes – we will manufacture adult toys as well).

I believe that in 10 years’ time, thanks to all the gadgets around us, we will live in one big Toy Story. After 10 years we will have pillows that will sing lullabies, we will take photos by blinking eyes, and our kids will not go to school anymore – they will have apps. This is what amazes me, and I want to be part of it.

If you had a snub-nose 44 pointed at your head, what would your last words be? (question by Tom Wesley Jordan)

Leave me alive”, of course. I’m not fucking Rambo.

What is your favourite advertising line of all time? (question by Tom Baker)

I don’t have a favourite line, because a line by itself means nothing. It is perfect only when it works together with art direction. And in this case I would say this is my favourite:



If someone asked for a piece of advice, what would you say? (question by Andrea Vergara)

My advice would be – “Fuck it!”

Why? Because this line works. When I was an inline skater, I used to use it a lot. No matter how good or skilled you are, there is always something that scares you. Every time when I wanted to do some new trick on the handrail, I was incredibly scared. Scared of failing, of beating my head against the concrete, of breaking bones, of losing balls. You need to fuck all the stupid thoughts in your mind, concentrate, fuck it and do it. Sometimes you fail. Sometimes you win. But the most important thing is that you try to do it. That’s when we grow up.

What are you most scared of? (question by Tom Fenwick-Smith)

Transsexuals. They are horribly scary.

Who’s your hero? (question by Andrea Vergara)

There are many people I really respect, those who inspire me. But true hero for me is my mum. I adore the fact that she could raise such a complicated kid as me. I always thought that I’m gonna be a criminal, but look at me now.

How would you like to inspire people when they think of you? (question by Jack Cooney)

There is a good friend of mine. He is also an ad creative. Every time I can’t crack a problem, I think what he would do, and I get boost of energy. He is great example of a warrior. He proved to me that sometimes a great idea can come up only one hour before the presentation. Never stop thinking. Never stop exploring new possibilities. Never stop believing.

Do I want to inspire people the same as he does? I would, but no.

I would like to inspire people with my “fuck it” approach.

What do you find helps you get to the best insights/strategy? (question by Jayshree Viswanathan)


How do you focus yourself when you have a million things going on at once?(question by Jayshree Viswanathan)

I don’t focus on all of them, I focus on the most important first. Before SCA I usually got stressed if I had to do more than 4 things at the same time. I was thinking about all of them, and at the and of the day I did nothing. Right now, I don’t cry If I miss out on something that’s not so important; I care about being perfect with the execution of important briefs / tasks.

Do you understand Scottish? (question by Hayley (Scottish) Mills)

Sorry Hayley, what was your question?

If you were running SCA 3.0 what changes would you make, or keep from 2.0? (question by Milan Abad)

Wow! Bold question. What Marc has created is probably the best education system on planet, but in my opinion it could be better. If I was running SCA 3.0 I would keep:

  • The existing system of one “ECD” ( executive creative director) as head of all the school, I love this simulation of a real ad agency
  • I would keep the application process – I would pick the best talents out there
  • I would keep the church
  • Probably I would keep the school’s motto, ‘We sell or we die’
  • I also would keep the existing curriculum.

I would change:

  • The course from one year to two years – one for learning strategy, creative techniques etc., second for developing crafting skills
  • I would go bigger than London
  • I would ban wordplays as creative execution
  • I would do workshops that had nothing to do with advertising – theatre, filming short films, drawing, painting, singing, etc.

What do you want your obituary to say?(question by Zishaan M. Alexander)

“Man – aged 98 – died after having fivesome”.

If god banned you from advertising, what would be your next career move?(question by Michael Venner)

I have two options – film director or farmer. I’ve always wanted to become a film director, but never had a chance to try it.

Being a farmer would be interesting as well – living in the countryside, brewing wine, cider, and beer; raising animals, having a ranch, and earning shit loads of money by selling horse meat to Tesco.

What is the one thing you always need to remind yourself of? (question by Laith Zayadine)

That I’m not as small as I think.

If a hoard of angry radioactive super-gorillas invaded Latvia and the President called you specifically to help, what superpower would you use to save your fair country? (question by Zishaan M. Alexander)

This is tough one. I think I would turn every Estonian into moving bananas, so the gorillas would leave Latvia and go to eat the Estonians instead.

What are you most proud of? (question by Ran Stallard)

In my career: winning SCA scholarship. I haven’t won anything in my life before. This is the first big reward in my life.

In my personal life: having Inga Veidmane as my girlfriend.

Have you ever assaulted anyone? (and if so, why?) (question by Becky-Spicy Artour)

I’m too small to physically assault anyone. But I’m a pro in psychological terror.

Not including people, what do you miss most about Latvia when you are in England and what do you miss most about England when you return to Latvia? (question by Marc Lewis)

Except my family, the only things that I really miss are sunny Saturday mornings; walking along the river next to my parents’ house; my dog; and proper winter.

When I’m in Latvia the thing I miss most about England is that I’m not surrounded by multinational people. In Latvia we are bit boring, because we all are so similar. The cultural differences are what that makes me love London. I find them interesting and inspiring.

Out of all creative directors, which would you 1.shag, 2.marry, 3.avoid? (question by Jack Willoughby)

I would like to shag that angry bastard George Louis and hear him screaming my name. I would marry Rosie Arnold, because she is hot and I would have a great inheritance. I would avoid any CD from Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan or any other -stan. Don’t ask me why.

Would you rather have a cock for nose or an arse hole for a mouth? (question by Tom Fenwick-Smith)

Hmmm… can I choose both? Then it makes more sense – I could stick my nose in my mouth whilst having sex, and I would have double orgasm.

If you could only smell 1 smell for the rest of your life what would it be? (question by Tom Fenwick-Smith)

The smell of the forest.

In life, what do you fear most? (question by Charli Plant)

I fear losing someone.

If you have sex with a prostitute against her will, is it considered rape or shoplifting? (question by Tom Wesley Jordan) 

It depends if she is working or not. If she is, than it’s definitely shoplifting. Otherwise it’s rape. Everyone has their own private life.

What’s your favorite coloured sex game? (question by Milan Abad)

There is one called “Milan on the Stick”. Love it. Bit violent though.

If a pineapple falls in a forest, how does it feel?(question by Zishaan M. Alexander)


What sound does death make? (question by Tom Wesley Jordan)


Why is Wesley called Jordan Tom? (question by Milan Abad)

What three things do you most value?(question by Nick Werber) 

1) My family. I think it’s so obvious. For every single achievement in my life, I should be thankful to my family (my parents and my girlfriend).

Especially now, when I’m so far away from home, I understand how important it is to have someone you love next to you.

2) My heartbeats. I really appreciate that I’m alive and I can do stuff.

3) Myself. If you don’t love yourself, no-one is gonna love you.

If Martins Millers Mills a Martian, what will he produce?(question by Zishaan M.Alexander)

Green shoe polish, I guess.

If your last advertising assignment was to creatively kill yourself, how would you do it? (question by Milan Abad)

Juggle with three Stihl mega-power chainsaws.

How do you like your eggs? (question by Milan Abad)

I like them more than yours.

We at Carlsberg don’t do suicide, but if we did they’d be the most creative executions ever? (question by Zishaan M. Alexander)

Burn yourself with a candle.

If you were an animal, what would you be? (question by Gavin Nastili)

Bacteria. I could spread around and affect human lives. I could be in many places at the same time, not in one damned body. Awesome.

What is your earliest memory? (question by Brodie King)

It’s a dream. I was 3 years old.

I can see wolves in the forest, but they are not typical wolves, they are more like werewolves.

It’s all grey and it’s raining. I’m scared, because I’m afraid of them. One of them is dancing around me. I start to scream. I wake up.

If you where going to lose your feet or your fingers but keep your thumbs, which would it be? (question by Tom Fenwick-Smith)

I’m horrible at dancing. I’m bad at football. I would better my lose feet, because I love creating things with my hands.

What would you rather…sweat cheese or vomit marbles? (question by Brodie King)

This is hard one. Sweating cheese. Vomiting marbles is painful and useless – there is no added value to that. I could only sell them. By sweating cheese I could

become the best man on planet – I could go to Africa and feed hungry people. How cool is that?

If a man attacked you, with a sharp piece of grapefruit, how would you react? (question by Maximilian Louis Maclean)

I would ask him to share his acid with me.

Riddle me this: At long last someone invents “the dream VCR.”. this machine allows you to tape an entire evenings worth of your own dreams, which you can then watch at your leisure. However, the inventor of the dream VCR will only allow you to use this device if you agree to a strange caveat: when you watch your dreams, you must do so with your family and your closest friends in the same room. They get to watch your dreams along with you. And if you don’t agree to this you don’t get to use the dream VCR. Would you still do this? (question by Melanie Mercier)

I mostly don’t like my dreams. That means – no.

There should be no print ads anymore. There should be wallpapers.
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